Who We Are



Since 2006, Katom Accesories located in Sant Cugat del Vallès in the Province of Barcelona, Spain . We are dedicated to selling fashion accessories, fashion jewelery products and gift items . Among our leading products encuntran : Rings, Necklaces , Hoops , Bracelets, Earrings, False dilation, Dilations , Dilators , Piercing, Septum and Accessories .

Our Values are :

Our goal is to surprise and excite the public.

Our vision is to bring the public a catalog of fashion products , quality , affordable and fair prices.

We seek continuous renewal of products from our catalog.

We pay maximum attention to the relationship with our customers.

Offer in every season, the most exclusive collections.

We suggest you visit our website to keep abreast of all developments in the existing market.

Investing in simpre have the best website in the field of " piercings " throughout Spain .

We have a fairly wide area actución , we export abroad , countries of the European Union, Asia , America ... Everyone !

For all these differences we are the best site of Spain piercings .


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