Steel is the material most commonly used for body piercing . Contains antiallergic properties for most of the population, is very durable , easy to clean and resistant to corrosion.


Sterling silver

The chemical composition of the silver does not make it suitable for use as material items that are introduced into the body. All of our sterling silver jewelry has a hitch or surgical steel closure . Our sterling silver bears the stamp of quality .925 in all designs .


Acrylic ( UV)

All our jewelry are acrylic UV , ie , glow in the dark . We use acrylic jewelry for its comfort and lightness. Acrylic jewelry is available in a wide range of colors .



All piercings are made from surgical silicone or silicone implant . This means it is completely safe and healthy use as piercing and is highly recommended for people with allergies or hypersensitivities . Silicone articles are available in a wide range of colors . It is also very flexible.



Bioplast is flexible and comfortable material for piercings. It is an amazing material with excellent biocompatibility and flexibility. Standing with his piercings , reduces stress , inflammation and healing times .



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