Piercing for Navel or Tongue steel and acrylic- BEL095D

Piercing for Navel or tongue. Steel and acrylic.

Different designs military style.

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Steel Tragus, 6 mm long, made of a 1,2 mm width bar and two balls 3 mm diameter. Combinations: - Steel bar with steel balls - Steel bar with black balls - Steel bar with white balls - Black bar with black balls -...
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Tragus/Helix corazón - TRAHEARTD
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Heart steel flexible cartilage Tragus/Helix display, that can also be used as regular earring. - three colors: steel, golden and black - six sizes: 0.8 x 8mm, 0.8 x 10 mm, 1 x 10 mm, 1.2 x 8 mm, 1.2 x 10 mm, 1.2 x 12...
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Septum Clicker - SEP203MJ
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Stainless Steel hinged Segment Septum Clicker display, 1.2mm width and 8mm diameter, A: - Steel with 7 little balls - Gold with 7 little balls B: - Steel with 9 white crystals C: - Gold with 5 white crystals - Black...
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